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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Internet is here to stay and it has proven to be a valuable direct and bidirectional media to communicate with your natural market whether still potential or already customers. Internet is a very important and valid media to use for advertising providing clients with several options that traditional media didn’t allow. Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Impression (CPI) or even Cost Per Order (CPO), are available for your search engine advertisement. All we need to do is help you choose which available program would be better for you according to your specific needs. Whether it be with Google, Yahoo or Bing, we´re here to help you with your campaign.

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We help small to medium size companies advertise online.

We help you

  • Set goals and objectives
    • What is it you want to accomplish
    • Who is your audience
  • Plan campaigns
    • Keyword suggestions
    • Ad copy development
    • Bid set up
    • Landing page optimization
    • Set tracking codes
  • Make adjustments
    • Landing page optimization
    • Keywords refinement (if necessary)
  • Reporting
    • Study reports to make adjustments
    • Send performance reports to client
Online advertising

PPC, less expensive more effective.

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